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Live from Tokyo: UCT viewing Party for HCL’s global software launch

[+++Click here for german version+++] You are invited to UCT ’s viewing party for the global launch announcing HCL’s first major releases for Domino v11, Notes v11, Sametime v11, and Connections 6.5. Come join us for this event featuring live demos, news, roadmaps, and technical sessions. We will be streaming the keynote live from Tokyo. […]

Report from the DNUG Workshop “Notes Developer”

[+++Click here for german version+++] Last Thursday, November 21st, 2019, the DNUG Development Division hosted a workshop to introduce development with Notes and Domino. At the Haus der Technik e.V. in Essen, the workshop participants were introduced to everything useful to get started with Notes programming for a whole day and were given both the […]

Julian Mosen is honoured with the Koblenz Economics and Scientific Association Student Research Thesis Award 2019

[+++Click here for german version+++] At the 27th Koblenz Economics and Scientific Association Student Research Thesis Award ceremony, Julian Mosen, member of the Business Application Systems Research Group, member of the CEIR research team and the University Competence Center for Collaboration Technologies, was honoured for his outstanding Master’s thesis work. On November 6th, 2019, the Wirtschafts- und Wissenschaftsallianz Koblenz […]


Social Connections 15: More than selfies and cat pictures

[+++Click here for german version+++] Social Connections is the international user group for HCL Connections and is the place-to-be to discuss topics such as the future of work, social collaboration and enterprise social networks. This year sees the 15th Social Connections, which is taking place in Munich this time. It is also the first important […]