The UCT conducts research on Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS). ECS are integrated enterprise software that provides support for collaborative work to authenticated employees. The focus of research is on newer software solutions, which contain typical social media functionalities such as social profiles, blogs, wikis and forums. The introduction of Enterprise Collaboration Systems has increased in recent years, however, the impact on business processes and corporate culture are still largely unexplored. Companies face the challenge of assessing the actual impact of these technologies in order to provide an adequate return on their technology investments. The UCT has therefore focused on examining the factors associated with successful introduction of ECS and developing theoretical insights and practical recommendations for action for organizations. An important cornerstone of the UCT research activities is the collaboration platform UniConnect, which itself serves as research object. Using Social Collaboration Analytics (the analysis of usage data generated in corporate collaboration platforms) an understanding of the technical functioning and productive use of such a platform is built up and continuously improved.

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