Report from the DNUG Workshop “Notes Developer”

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Last Thursday, November 21st, 2019, the DNUG Development Division hosted a workshop to introduce development with Notes and Domino. At the Haus der Technik e.V. in Essen, the workshop participants were introduced to everything useful to get started with Notes programming for a whole day and were given both the theoretical and practical basics for individual in-depth study. The CEIR-Team / UCT-Team / Team of FG BAS was on site with four research and student assistants.

The UCT team was represented by four employees and student assistants
(from left: Daniel Hillebrand, Jonas Baier, Hoangquan Chu and Julian Mosen)

In the morning of the workshop day Andreas Schulte (HCL) introduced the participants and gave them a short overview of the history of Notes Domino, the included technologies and available clients. The theoretical part was followed by a practical introduction to the basic concepts of a Notes database, templates, forms and views. Ulrich Krause (midpoints GmbH) presented helpful tips and tricks for the development environment. Thanks to the locally installed Domino server and the distributed NotesIDs, the participants were able to try out the proposed configuration on their own notebooks. Peter Enste (dataglobal GmbH) then clarified the already introduced concepts (Forms, Sub forms, Fields, Actions) with the help of a demo database, which was made available to the participants as a continuous example for the workshop and subsequently used by Ulrich Krause for the explanation and use of views and categories.

Participants and speakers of the Notes Developer Workshop

Finally, @Functions and navigation elements were discussed. After lunch Jochen Prieß (Byte Connexion) introduced the use of LotusScript in agents. The participants were instructed in the use of the script language by means of small exercises. In the afternoon Ulrich Krause showed how and for which purposes the use of Java Agents is suitable. Although the workshop was highly condensed and the content was extensive enough to provide enough material for a training of several days, the participants gave positive feedback throughout the open final round.  The Development Group plans to offer follow-up events in the form of webcasts or other formats to deepen individual workshop contents.