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Am vergangenen Donnerstag, den 21. November 2019,  veranstaltete die DNUG-Fachgruppe Development einen Workshop zur Einführung in die Entwicklung mit Notes und Domino. Im Haus der Technik e.V. in Essen wurden die Workshop-Teilnehmer einen Tag lang mit allem Wissenswerten zum Einstieg in die Notes-Programmierung vertraut gemacht und erlangten sowohl die theoretischen als auch die praktischen Grundlagen für die individuelle Vertiefung. Das UCT-Team war gleich mit vier wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeitern und studentischen Hilfskräften vor Ort.


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Social Connections is the international user group for HCL Connections and is the place-to-be to discuss topics such as the future of work, social collaboration and enterprise social networks. This year sees the 15th Social Connections, which is taking place in Munich this time.

It is also the first important meeting of this user group after HCL became the official owner of the former IBM Collaboration portfolio. We are looking forward to hearing the official announcements and presentations that were postponed over the last weeks and months during the takeover. This includes information about how HCL plans to support Universities in terms of (cost-free) academic software licences and especially the continuation of the University Competence Center for Collaboration Technology (UCT). Does HCL want us to continue our research projects on UniConnect, such as IndustryConnect and our many Domino student projects? Do they want us to keep putting our resources into the complex hosting activities required to provide access to their collaboration product portfolio for other universities?  We will meet and inform everyone as soon as we know more.